What is my role as a Companion?

Companions support the patron with the disability with specific manual, verbal, and/or visual modifications prior to, during, and/or after the program. This may include: 

  • Support with social interactions (i.e. effective communication, taking turns, sharing supplies
  • Personal care (dressing, feeding, toileting or medical/medication administration) 
  • Support with entering/exiting the pool
  • Assisting with mobility
  • Providing a preferred method of assistance (i.e. hand-over-hand guidance, verbal prompting)

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1. What is a Companion?
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4. What is my role as a Companion?
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6. Do I need a PARKS Direct Account?
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8. Where can I get a Companion Agreement Form?
9. How long do requests take?
10. Who authorizes the Companion Agreement Form?
11. Who do I contact for help?
12. How is my request processed?
13. Is authorization required?
14. How is my information shared and where is it stored?