How can I sample cooking from the teams?

Timing is everything! Starting at about 2 pm, the Tasting Tent will host two events, each for a small fee in which different teams submit sauces and ribs for tasting: The Sauce Boss competition and the Bones for Bucks! For a small fee, you can dip pulled chicken or pulled pork into various sauces and/or purchase rib bones. After you taste them, vote for your favorite! It will be a finger-licking good time!

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1. Is there a parking fee?
2. Can I bring a pet?
3. Can I bring my own food?
4. What can I do to beat the heat?
5. Will ATMs be available for cash withdrawal?
6. What other food options will be available at the Beltway BBQ Showdown?
7. What about the kids?
8. Where is the Lost & Found?
9. How can I sample cooking from the teams?
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11. What time will the winners be announced?