At what point in the development approval process is a project considered "vested?"
A project is usually considered “vested” when footings are placed in the ground. However, the MIOZ exempts the following permits:
- Permits for changes in ownership, name, occupancy; with no change in use
- Permits for any grading or infrastructure improvements
- Permits for any public utility, or private utility for public use
- Permits for fences or walls
- Alterations requiring a permit of a minor nature pursuant to Section 27-255
- Areas in Prince George’s County defined by the 2009 Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington Joint Land Use Study as Imaginary surfaces “C” (part of the Approach-Departure Clearance Surface) and “F” (Outer Horizontal Surface) are not subject to the provisions of the M-I-O Zone
- Permits issued pursuant to one of the following development approvals, provided that the application was approved prior to the date of classification of the property into the M-I-O Zone and the validity period for such approval has not expired:
-> A final plat of subdivision approved for single family detached residential development
-> A preliminary plan of subdivision for development not otherwise requiring a DSP
-> A special exception for development not otherwise requiring a DSP
-> A Detailed Site Plan; or a Specific Design Plan

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