How do I get paid?
A contract or purchase order must be approved before the purchase is made.

Goods and services procured by the Commission undergo inspection prior to acceptance. The responsible Commission staff person inspects the goods or services to ensure the goods are delivered or services are performed as specified in the purchase order or contract. If the goods or services fail to comply with the terms and conditions, the goods delivered or services rendered are rejected and the vendor is so notified. If practicable, the vendor will be allowed time to correct the deficiencies and all for re-inspection.

After the vendor has satisfactorily delivered the goods or services specified, a staff person approves the payment and notifies the Disbursement Section. Only then can the Commission issue payment. Vendors should send their invoices directly to the address shown on the purchase orders (Finance Department, Disbursements Section) and include the purchase order number on all invoices, shipping documents and correspondence.

Contractors should send invoices to Contract/Construction Managers. Vendors and contractors should issue invoices concurrently with or after the shipment of goods or delivery of services. Contractor and vendors should include an Invoice Number, date, and also your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) on all invoices. If any of the required information is missing (e.g., invoice, PO number, or FEIN), the payment will be delayed. For more information please call 301-454-1609.

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