Greenbelt Metro Area & MD 193 Corridor Sector Plan

The Approved Greenbelt Metro Area and MD 193 Corridor Sector Plan and Proposed Sectional Map Amendment (Approved March 5, 2013) is available on-line.

Project Description

The sector plan envisions the development of the Greenbelt Metro Metropolitan Centers as an interconnected, vibrant, and mixed-use area with a commitment to sustainability and the natural environment. The plan emphasizes the importance of housing and neighborhood preservation, as well as the importance of having a multi-modal transportation network.

The plan aims to transform the MD 193 Corridor to maximize pedestrian and bicycle accessibility and safety. It envisions the corridor as a unifying presence tying regional office parks and shopping centers to residential neighborhoods and new development. The sector plan also recommends design guidelines and standards to foster an enhanced sense of place.

Project Boundary

Plan Context Map (PDF)