Bladensburg Market Feasibility and Economic Analysis


The subject of this analysis (the “study area”) comprises 17.36 acres of approximately 67.5 acres in the Town of Bladensburg in Prince George’s County, Maryland, that was identified in the 2009 Approved Port Towns Sector Plan as the Town Center Character Area. This market feasibility and economic analysis explores if there is a market for mixed-use development in the study area, then tests if redevelopment is financially feasible from a private investor’s perspective. Feasibility is then tested under the County’s prior Zoning Ordinance and the Zoning Ordinance that went into effect April 1, 2022. The analysis has 10 sections. The executive summary summarizes the findings and makes recommendations for next steps. The initial sections describe existing conditions and trends, regional dynamics impacting market potential, and Bladensburg’s strengths and weaknesses. The market analyses follow these sections. Development scenarios are tested for financial feasibility in the final section.

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Bladensburg Market Feasibility and Economic Analysis

Town of Bladensburg

Completed May 2022

  1. Daniel Sams

    Planner IV