Westphalia Central Park

Project Background/Description

Westphalia Central Park is a 150-acre park that was planned and designed to provide an array of recreational amenities for residents in Westphalia and in the region. The land for the park was dedicated primarily by owner Smith Home Farms Project Owner (SHF) LLC as a required condition of development approval. Possible amenities include a recreation pond, plaza with pavilion structure, performance lawn, signature playground, picnic structures, volleyball courts, amphitheater, skate park, restrooms, bridges, and trails.

The Central Park will be funded in part by SHF and other developers within the Westphalia Planning Area and by M-NCPPC’s Capital Improvement Program. The Central Park was planned to be constructed in phases. The black dashed area is the 50-acre Phase 1 boundary. Within Phase 1, the highlighted red dashed area will be constructed by SHF per the development approval (CDP-0501 Reconsideration).

For other Frequently Asked Questions, reference the FAQ document under the Resources section.

A map image outlining the planned area of a new park

Status/Project Updates

Phase I of Westphalia Central Park comprises major program spaces, including a performance lawn, signature playground, entrance plaza, and parking. Phase I roughing grading was started in 2019 and is expected to be complete by the end of 2021. 

The Department of Parks and Recreation hosted a virtual community “Coffee and Chat” meeting on December 14 at 6 PM. During the meeting, the project team provided an overview of the park, the funding strategy, and next steps for the development of Phase I. A recording of the meeting can be viewed below: