SPACEs Sidewalk & Streetscape Improvements 


The PAMC-sponsored SPACEs Sidewalk & Streetscape Improvements project is complete with the publication of Northern Gateway SPACEs  30% Design and Engineering Report. This project sought to balance the needs of diverse users (pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and motorists) to shape an environment that ensures access, safety, and enjoyment of an approximately two-mile section of MD 193 (University Boulevard), a busy, automobile-oriented environment in Langley Park. Together with new investment in the Purple Line light rail transit corridor, the project sought to improve biking and pedestrian safety, an objective shared by the County’s Vision Zero initiative. The plan also serves to better connect neighborhoods to the corridor and enhance the public realm. Streetscape enhancements include improved sidewalks, buffered bike lanes, and landscape features. 

The 30% designs and cost estimates developed in this project will be used to gather community consensus through outreach, apply for grants, develop final designs, and advance projects to construction. This report describes the process of incorporating these improvements within the Purple Line light rail corridor. 

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Northern Gateway SPACEs PAMC Project 30% Design and Engineering Report (English)
Informe de Diseño e Ingeniería del 30 % del Proyecto Northern Gateway SPACEs PAMC (Spanish)

Applicant: Northern Gateway Community Development Corporation

Status: Completed September 2021

  1. Karen Mierow

    Planner III