New Carrollton Downtown Access and Connectivity Strategy

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New Carrollton Downtown Access & Connectivity Strategy In-Person Open House

New Carrollton Downtown StrategyThe Prince George’s County Planning Department held an open house on Saturday, June 11th, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the New Carrollton Public Library to introduce the New Carrollton Downtown Access & Connectivity Strategy.

At this event, participants had the opportunity to learn more about  the New Carrollton Downtown Access & Connectivity Strategy

  • Thank you to those who attended the event and provided feedback including  improvements that they would like to see in the New Carrollton area.

New Carrollton Interactive Map - We want to hear from you!

M-NCPPC is working to strengthen the multimodal connections between the different transit options, employment areas, residential neighborhoods, and natural areas in New Carrollton. Our goal is to understand the range of destinations that residents and employees of New Carrollton frequent, and their preferred modes of travel. We also hope to identify areas that need improvements for enhanced and safer pedestrian and/or bicycle travel. Through better access and connectivity, New Carrollton will boast a more vibrant downtown for residents, employees, and visitors.

Please tell us about your experience traveling around the New Carrollton area!

Use the interactive map to identify current challenges and opportunities for improving transportation connections in New Carrollton. Select the category, place your pin on the map, and add a description if desired. Your input is vital and will help create a better connected New Carrollton!

Your input will be used to identify strategies for improving access and connectivity in the New Carrollton area.

Access the Interactive Map here:

New Carrollton Study Area Visit

The project team conducted a site visit to the study area. The site visit consisted of several stops in various neighborhoods/sub-areas within the study area to assess existing conditions, and ongoing projects, and identify potential opportunities to enhance access and connectivity in Downtown New Carrollton and surrounding communities. The site visit included the following stops: 

  • New Carrollton Branch Library, PGCMLS
  • Westbrook Drive and Lamont Drive in the City of New Carrollton
  • Annapolis Road corridor 
  • Future Glenridge Purple Line Station
  • Ardwick Ardmore Industrial Area
  • Garden City
  • New Carrollton Transit Center

The project team met with Council Member Dannielle Glaros (District 3), Council Member Jolene Ivey (District 5), and staff from the City of New Carrollton during the visit to discuss issues, opportunities, and current projects in the study area. 

New Carrollton Site Visit Map

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