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The Countywide Wayfinding Study is now complete.  The objective of the study was to produce a manual to help communities understand the value of wayfinding systems, educate wayfinding sponsors within Prince George’s County on the regulatory process of wayfinding, and encourage consistent approaches to preparing, planning, and designing these projects across the County. The consultant team reviewed existing standards and engaged regulators, local authorities, and interest groups in multiple workshops and meetings to gather information for the manual to ensure maximum effectiveness. The manual provides insight into the process of wayfinding and describes a system of tools that can be implemented to support navigation by motor vehicle, bicycle, or walking in the County. By using this manual as a resource, communities who want to implement wayfinding will have a better understanding of how coordinated, well-executed wayfinding projects can improve mobility, encourage sustainable transportation, and raise awareness of places and attractions.


Click the link to view and download the Prince George’s County Wayfinding Process Manual.