New Carrollton

New Carrollton already has many of the ingredients for success. These include access to public transit, a large workforce, and high levels of multimodal traffic. The County wishes take advantage of these assets. Thus, it has designated New Carrollton as a Downtown. The Placemaking Section helps implement this goal.

The Section aims to improve New Carrollton by working with our partners to:

  • Enable a mix of uses, encompassing residences, recreation, and professional services;
  • Improve connections and pedestrian infrastructure to enable car-free access to New Carrollton;
  • Augment work done to support workers already at New Carrollton;
  • Enhance a sense of "place" at New Carrollton; and
  • Support community efforts by area residents.

Currently, this work supports other, ongoing work at New Carrollton. This includes:

View the 2010 Approved New Carrollton Transit District Development Plan and Transit District Overlay Zoning Map Amendment

  1. Vanessa Akins

    Special Program Coordinator

New Carrollton Transit Station