Prince George's Plaza

Prince George's Plaza is already a hub in many senses. People pass through en route to destinations across the region. The Mall at Prince George’s is one of Greater Washington's key shopping destinations. Federal offices, Prince George's Community College, and Kaiser Permanente provide a well-staffed institutional presence. Thousands of people live in the area, providing a level of vibrancy and informal verve. For these reasons, the Plaza is one of the County's three Downtowns.

The development of Prince George’s Plaza is still a work in progress. The 2019 Pedestrian Accessibility and Safety Study and work by the City of Hyattsville identified several areas for work in Prince George’s Plaza, including:

  • enhancing pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure and lighting to enable plaza users to navigate;
  • improving signage and access to public transportation;
  • adding branding to enhance the sense of “place” that invites users;
  • connecting different parts of Prince George’s Plaza through new pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure; and
  • expanding public open space.

The Placemaking Section is working to improve Prince George's Plaza and remedy these problems. The goal is to create a Prince George's Plaza that has a sense of place and continues to act as a major center.

The Section is working with our partners to:

  • improve connections between activities in the area to encourage people to stay;
  • enable connections between uses at Prince George's Plaza;
  • enhance the sense of "place" through the provision of public space and connections between uses;
  • make Prince George's Plaza safer and more inviting for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • use residential developments to extend a mix of uses at Prince George's Plaza; and
  • support efforts by community residents.

Currently, this work supports other, ongoing work at Prince George's Plaza. These efforts include:

  • changes to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to improve safety in the area;
  • upgrades to pedestrian and wayfinding infrastructure around East-West Highway (MD 410);
  • Improving lighting, signage, and other navigation features around Prince George's Plaza;
  • continued residential development at Editor's Park and Post Park; and
  • continued improvements to the University Town Center area.

This work builds on prior work by the County and the City of Hyattsville. You can learn more from the plan documents and presentation linked below.

View the 2016 Approved Prince George’s Plaza Transit District Development Plan and Transit District Overlay Zoning Map Amendment 

  1. Adam Dodgshon

    Supervisor, Placemaking
    Phone: Direct: 301-952-3153 | Teams Mobile: 240-573-2299

Prince Georges Plaza