About Us

Southern Area Aquatics and Recreation Complex (SAARC) is the first Multi-Generational recreation complex in Prince George’s County. This simply means that SAARC was designed with every member of the family in mind from the preschoolers to the grandparents! It is a place where all members of the family can participate in activities together. SAARC also provides a space for fitness and health goals to happen.

Public Art at SAARC

ceiling-art-installationFamily Tree/Community Circle by Martha Jackson Jarvis
For inspiration, Martha was struck by how the architect for SAARC used the basic structure of a “Y” shape to represent the 150-year-old willow oak tree in design elements throughout the building. In addition, Martha states, “Family Tree/Community Circle celebrates the family tree as the essential structural building block of a community.”

SAARC-exterior-artThe Guardians by Judy Sutton Moore
Judy Sutton Moore is the artist who created “The Guardians” an imposing 22-foot steel sculpture posted at the entry to SAARC. The inspiration for this outdoor work is the majestic 150-year-old willow oak tree that resides on the SAARC site. Using an actual leaf that had fallen from the tree, the artist fashioned the design concept which developed into “The Guardians”. 

HeidiLippmanSAARCArtistWaters Promise by Heidi Lippman 
Greeting you as you pass through the doors entering SAARC is a 12-foot high and 20-foot wide wall displaying an explosion of color comprising many thousands of pieces of cut glass of varying sizes and luminosities. Maryland artist Heidi Lippman designed this master mosaic work titled “Waters Promise”. According to Heidi, inspiration for “Waters Promise” is drawn from the ancient willow oak tree that is now protected on the site of SAARC.