The College Park Aviation Museum collects historical objects that share the rich history of aviation in Prince Georges and Montgomery County. Our scope includes:

  • Objects owned and/or used at the College Park Aviation Museum throughout its history (1909 to the present);
  • Historical documents, photographs, and secondary source materials related to the airport;
  • Books or documents that will enlighten visitors, scholars and staff about the history of aviation, particularly of subjects that relate to the history of College Park Airport.  

The College Park Aviation Museum has become the widely acknowledged custodian of collections with little to no association with the airport, and so will continue to collect historical objects, photographs, documents and secondary source material related to:

  • The Engineering Research Corporation (ERCO) and the Ercoupe airplane;
  • Columbia Air Center (aka Croom Airport and Riverside Airways) and the Cloud Club;
  • Women Air Service Pilots (WASP) with Maryland origins.
  • Airmail

Collection Donation Process  

Thank you for your interest in donating materials to the College Park Aviation Museum Collection. Thanks to community members like you, our collection has enriched over the years and helps fulfill our mission to expand on College Park’s aviation past. 

Because we cannot accept unsolicited donations without a donation form, we encourage you to fill out the Collection Donation Form describing the material you wish to donate! After filling out the form, a member of the Collections staff will contact you within two weeks. 

For more information

Please contact us at or call 301-864-6029 and ask for the Collections department.