About the Park

Mount Calvert’s archaeological resources span 8,000 years of human culture. Evidence uncovered by archaeologists show that American Indians were present from the Archaic Period (7500-1000 BC) through the Woodland Period (1000BC to 1600AD). Over the years the Indians exploited the rich resources of the Patuxent River and established villages along its shores. 

An English colonial town was established at Mount Calvert in 1684. The town became the Prince George’s County seat in 1696 and was re-named Charles Town. In 1721, the county seat was moved to Upper Marlboro and Charles Town gradually disappeared. From 1770 until the Civil War, Mount Calvert was a typical Southern Maryland tobacco plantation based on enslaved labor.

A 1780s plantation house is all that remains and now serves as a museum featuring an exhibit called A Confluence of Three Cultures.