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Programs Offered

We offer a variety of structured physical education curriculums for institutions such as homeschool groups/networks and private schools. These programs are offered to children ages 5 to 17 who are part of a homeschool group/network or private school group. Our physical education curriculum has been developed to specifically meet the needs of various institutions. Children will be given 1-hour lessons once a week for six weeks (sessions may be extended). The cost for each program will be determined by venue manager and number of participants enrolled. All payments are due prior to the first class. Classes will be offered in the Gymnastics and Field House.


For individuals wishing to take a homeschool class, we offer a class on Tuesdays from 1 to 2 pm for children ages 4 to 17. Please see the Guide to Parks and Recreation Classes, Programs and Events for session information and fees.

Field Trips to Gymnastics Center and Field House at PGSLC

The Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex is a great site for field trips offered by schools and other organizations. Children will have the opportunity to participate in activities for one hour. Please call or email for specific days, times, and fees. Our programs for field trip participants are designed to introduce children ages 4 to 17 to activities in a safe, fun environment. 

Additional Information

For more information, please email patricia.delaney@pgparks.com.