Show Place Arena

Rental Information & Guidelines

The Show Place Arena is an adaptable entertainment and sports facility that can configure to accommodate a variety of event types. The Arena has been the venue for college basketball tournaments, cheer and dance events, consumer shows, concerts, rodeos, nationally-acclaimed equestrian events, graduations and the Prince George’s County Fair.


Arena pricing is based upon a number of factors, e.g., event/client/arena requirements, event type, space and time allocations, security, safety, labor, equipment, set-up and tear down, catering, etc. The Show Place Arena can provide an event estimate and discuss possible dates after contacting the office to receive the appropriate application forms. Please note that the submission of the completed documents is necessary to provide realistic estimates, but it is not a binding contract.

Required Documents

The documents that must be completed are the Rental Application, New Client Business Reference, and Entertainment Assessment forms. These forms must be completed and returned before we are able to provide you with any event information. Please note that the business references submitted must be from the three (3) most recent venues that you have rented for events. Be sure to include your date(s) of interest on the application.

Ticket Sale

If the planned event involves the sale of tickets, Ticketmaster is the only authorized ticketing service for The Show Place Arena. No other ticketing venues (brick and mortar, online, etc.) are permitted. Under our contract, we cannot process a TicketMaster event until we have verified the client's references and accepted the client's signed contract, deposit, and mutually agreed upon event set-up diagram. The entire process to secure a ticketed event is usually a minimum of 120 days, so please submit your documents immediately if you wish to secure an available date. Please contact us for booking and availability.