Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are generally focused on prevention, early intervention, and treatment of employees' personal problems may impact job performance. The EAP is a personal and confidential counseling service available to all employees and their dependents regardless of their position within the company. The EAP offers caring, professional help with a broad range of concerns, from routine challenges to serious issues.
2019 Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval
The primary goal of the EAP is to help employees and family members balance the demands of work and personal life.

How it Works

You or your dependents may call the EAP 24 hours a day, seven days a week for immediate assistance or to schedule an appointment. To contact the EAP refer to the Employee Benefits Instruction Booklet distributed by the Commissions benefit office.

EAP Funding

The Commission pays 100% of the services of the EAP for you and your eligible dependents.

EAP Services

The EAP has a proven record of helping employees and family members. Employees and dependents are encouraged to seek assistance even if they think the situation is not serious. Common concerns include:
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Depression
  • Emotional
  • Legal issues
  • Marital and family
  • Stress
  • Work related issues

Legal Services

The EAP has recently offered the following legal services as a part of your EAP plan:
  • Discounted Rate (25%) - Available if you choose to retain an attorney in the network
  • Financial Consultation - A 30 minute telephone consultation with financial services professional; referrals made if necessary
  • Legal Consultation - Up to 30 minutes per separate legal item available by telephone or in person; no limit on number of separate legal items
  • Quality Assurance System - Telephone follow-up to ensure satisfaction with services

Mandatory Management Referral

There may be times when a supervisor or manager makes a mandatory referral to the EAP to help an employee address issues of concerns impacting work performance or to address a personal issue. This referral may be a condition of continued employment, however, it does not automatically guarantee continued employment.