Support Operations Section

The Support Operations Section of the division is divided into two components: Technical Services and Staff Services.

Technical Services

Technical Services includes the Communications, Records Management, and Alarms Units.

Communications Center

The communications center is equipped with a state-of-the-art "Computer Aided Dispatch" system. Dispatchers have the capability of locating Park Police fleet cars by using the Global Positioning System. This allows dispatchers to effectively and efficiently dispatch calls for service to Park Police personnel.

Alarm Unit

The alarm monitoring system is staffed by an alarm security specialist who is responsible for maintaining and servicing more than 200 alarms at M-NCPPC facilities throughout Prince George's County.

Records Management

The Records Management Unit is responsible for processing criminal justice information in accordance with federal, state, and local laws. This includes processing adult and juvenile criminal records, police reports, citations, and payment of fees and fines. Staff in this section also collect, compile and record crime statistics, and prepare reports for the Uniform Crime Reporting System.

Staff Services

Staff Services is responsible for training, community services, property management, equipment research, fleet management and the Firearms Range. This section coordinates, conducts and administers departmental training. The Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission monitors each officer's mandated training records annually. Our agency assists other jurisdictions with their training needs. The training coordinator is responsible for maintaining the division's training records internally. Staff Services members also participate in many community events held throughout the county.


Property/evidence is a responsibility of Staff Services. The Property Officer maintains all property that is seized, recovered or found by officers. Property and evidence that's been collected is stored until proper release or disposal. This unit is also responsible for research, procurement and distribution of police equipment and supplies.


Staff Services includes:
  • Captain
  • Communications lead technicians
  • Communications unit supervisor
  • Facility manager
  • Full complement of civilian communications and records personnel
  • Lieutenants
  • Property specialist
  • Records unit supervisor
  • Sergeant