Mounted Unit

Mounted Services is one of the largest full-time mounted unit in Maryland. It includes a lieutenant, sergeants and 2 squads of mounted-trained officers. In addition to vehicle and bicycle patrol, mounted officers also patrol hiker/biker trails on horseback.


Mounted officers respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service on hiker/biker trails and are very efficient at searching and patrolling wooded terrains and stream valley areas. Currently, the Park Police Mounted Unit is responsible for patrolling 50 plus miles of hiker/biker trails, as well as regional parks. During winter and at times of inclement weather, mounted officers are used to supplement Patrol Services.
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The Mounted Unit is presently authorized 21 police officer positions. Park Police mounted officers work in all types of weather, with the exception of extreme conditions such as snow and ice. They provide an economical policing option for difficult terrains and properties that are not practical for motorized patrol vehicles. In addition to patrol duties, the Horse Mounted Unit has proven to be unsurpassed when used for public relations and crowd control.

Community Outreach Programs

Annually, the Mounted Unit works approximately 4,700 hours in support of community outreach initiatives in Prince George's County. Cops Camp for Kids and the Community Service Program (for eligible high school students) are two of the more popular community outreach programs offered by the Mounted Unit.

The Mounted Unit is very active in the community. Members participate in more than 500 community activities annually, including community days and mounted demonstrations; they assist many local jurisdictions with riot and crowd control. The Mounted Unit participates in many parades, including the nationally-recognized Cherry Blossom and Presidential Inaugural Parades in Washington, D.C.