Suitland Station is just steps from the new headquarters for the U.S. Census Bureau that anchors the federal campus occupying the area north of the station along Silver Hill Road. While the new structures are a welcome addition to the area, the federal campus is self-contained, and employees have little interaction with the community. However, Suitland has the greatest mix of businesses and apartment complexes of any of the four stations, and key redevelopment opportunities exist just north of Suitland Road, including the area that was Suitland Manor, and other sites to the south along Branch Avenue such as Iverson Mall. 

Station Area Vision

Adjacent to the Suitland Federal Center with over 7,000 employees, the plan calls for new development and redevelopment that will provide housing and services for Federal Center employees, quality commercial space, a variety of housing types, a mixed-income neighborhood, and homeownership opportunities for the community. 

Suitland Road Metrorail Station 

  • Located north of Suitland Parkway at the intersection with Silver Hill Road.
  • There are no known environmental constraints on the station area site.
  • Adjacent to the Metro station is the Suitland Federal Center, which employs 9,150 people.
  • The General Plan places this station in the Developed Tier and classifies it as a Community Center.
  • Access is via Silver Hill Road, Suitland Parkway, and Branch Avenue (MD 5).

 Summary of Allowable Uses

The land uses planned within one-half mile of the Metro station are commercial, office, retail, and residential. The Suitland Mixed-Use Town Center Development Plan (2006) is the applicable master plan for this Metro station area. 

Sites in Public Ownership

WMATA owns 16 plus acres including the station and parking area. The federal government owns 343 acres.

Quick Facts

  • Bike Parking: There are 10 bike racks and 20 lockers available at this station.
  • Car Sharing is available at this station.
  • Parking
    • 1,890-space surface lot
    • 175-space metered surface lot
  • Transit
    • 7 Metrobus routes
    • 1 THE BUS route
  • Transit Ridership
    • 6,726 entries
    • 6,545 exits