Are there rewards?
As you walk across America, you will earn a State pin for each State you have “virtually” walked across! Here are those States:
- California
- Colorado
- Delaware
- Illinois
- Indiana
- Kansas
- Maryland
- Missouri
- Nevada
- Ohio
- Utah
- Virginia

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1. Who can participate?
2. What are the benefits?
3. Where and when do you walk?
4. What are Club 300 group walks?
5. When and how do I register?
6. What if I register and am unable to walk all the way across America?
7. How do I track and log my miles?
8. How do I record my miles online if I do not have an email address or access to a computer?
9. What if I am unable to log into the Club 300 webpage successfully?
10. Are there rewards?
11. What are some walking tips?