2014 Speaker / Film Series

  1. November 2014

    This speaker series event will discuss how both a regional, environmental non-profit and a metropolitan food bank came to view sustainable farms that serve the community as critical to their success.

  2. October 2014

    Aldea and Shannon will present on the work that AARP is doing in the Livable Communities arena and highlight the impact of the growing boomer population on communities. Programming discussed will include AARP’s Home Fit workshops, Network of Age Friendly Communities, and the Livability Index.

  3. September 2014

    Environmental justice is a planning issue. While it has been framed in the context of public health, civil rights, or managing pollution, environmental justice is fundamentally a place-based issue.

  4. August 2014

    This 2-disc set is an unprecedented visual document of how sprawl happened, told through a series of historic films.

  5. July 2014

    This discussion of the D.C. Vibrant Retail Streets Toolkit Initiative is an opportunity to gain insight into the methodology pursued by the D.C. Office of Planning to assist emerging, established, or challenged neighborhoods in achieve their optimal potential for retail vibrancy.

  6. June 2014

    A new housing landscape is emerging in which rental housing is poised to take a much larger role than it did in the decade leading up to the downturn. The ongoing turmoil in housing finance, demographic shifts, and changes in lifestyle choices means that renting is more attractive for many.

  7. May 2014

    A discussion was held with Montgomery County’s new planning director on the county’s growth, zoning rewrite, and new initiatives that will address upcoming challenges such as affordable housing and colocation of public facilities.

  8. April 2014

    The presentation will discuss how Prince George’s County is taking a leadership role in the major environmental issues facing our state and region.

  9. March 2014

    Pedestrian and bicycle safety has been a growing concern in the county, as the number of reported incidences such as injuries and fatalities remain high.

  10. January 2014

    This 2-disc set is an unprecedented visual document of how sprawl happened, told through a series of historic films ranging from 1939's The City, created by famed planner Lewis Mumford, to No Time For Ugliness from 1965, produced by the American Institute of Architects.

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