Subregion 5 Planning Areas

Planning Areas

  • PA 81A - Clinton and Vicinity
  • PA 81B - Tippett and Vicinity
  • PA 83 - Accokeek
  • PA 84 - Piscataway and Vicinity
  • PA 85A - Brandywine

Project Planner(s)

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Subregion 5 encompasses approximately 74 square miles in five planning areas in southwestern Prince George's County. It includes the communities of Clinton, Tippett, Accokeek, Piscataway, Danville, and Brandywine. It is bounded on the north by Andrews Air Force Base; on the east by Piscataway Creek and Boys Village, and Popes Creek (CSX) Railroad; on the south by Charles County; and on the west by the Potomac River, Gallahan Road, Old Fort Road, Allentown Road, Steed Road, Tinkers Creek and Meetinghouse Branch. Major north-south highways include: Indian Head Highway (MD 210), Branch Avenue (MD 5), and Crain Highway (US 301). East-west highways include: Accokeek Road (MD 373), Brandywine/Aquasco Road (MD 381), and Piscataway/Woodyard Road (MD 223). Major parks include: Cosca Regional Park (M-NCPPC) in Clinton, and Piscataway National Park in Accokeek.


  • Size of planning area: Approximately 74 square miles (47,360 acres)
  • Number of dwellings: 18,670 (2008)
  • Population: 54,500 (2008)
  • Employment (number of employees): 17,669 (2008)

Master Plan & Other Publications

  • Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment Subregion 5 (2013) - available on-line
  • Master Plan and SMA for Subregion 5 (2009)
  • Master Plan and SMA for Subregion 5 (1993)
  • Piscataway Village Rural Conservation Study (1991; Part II, 1995)
  • Piscataway Village Community Vision Process (1995)
  • Potomac Airfield Report (June 1999)
The Mount Vernon Viewshed Study (2017) provides recommendations for conserving the cultural landscape of the rural communities of Piscataway and Accokeek, which are a portion of a significant viewshed across the Potomac River from the porch of Mount Vernon.

The Brandywine Preservation and Revitalization Study (2012) provides strategies and recommendations to preserve and strengthen the older commercial area and residential community along MD 381 between Timothy Branch, just west of Kathleen Lane to Old Indian Head Road.

The Southern Maryland Transit Corridor Preservation Study (2010) identifies MD 5/US 301 for future development into a high capacity transit-way from White Plains in Charles County, Maryland to the Branch Avenue Metrorail station in Prince George's County, Maryland. The study determines potential transit stations, parking and other facilities and provides Charles and Prince George's Counties with a specific transit alignment to protect in their local and land use plans. The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) completed the Southern Maryland Rapid Transit (SMRT) Alternatives Final Report in May 2017. For the SMRT alignment, the report recommends Alternative 4, which runs along the east side of MD 5 and US 301, through Brandywine and Clinton in Subregion 5.

The Airport Land Use Compatibility and Air Safety Study (2000) evaluated land use compatibility issues for the areas around general aviation airports in the county. Two of the airports that were studied are located in Subregion 5: Potomac Airfield and Washington Executive Airport. (Hyde Field). As a result of this study, zoning regulations were enacted (CB-51-2002) to protect nearby land uses and ensure compatibility with airfield operations.