Prince George's Plaza Transit District Development Plan (TDDP)

The Approved Prince George's Plaza Transit District Development Plan and Transit District Overlay Zoning Map Amendment is available online now.


A Transit District Development Plan (TDDP) and Transit District Overlay Zone (TDOZ) were approved for the Prince George's Plaza Transit District in 1998 to enhance development opportunities in the vicinity of the Metro station and to promote transit use. The TDDP includes approximately 281 acres of land and included the Prince George's Plaza Metro Green Line Station, the enclosed shopping mall currently known as the Mall at Prince George's, the University Town Center mixed-use residential development, and other properties fronting MD 410 (East West Highway), Belcrest Road, and Toledo Terrace. The predominant land uses in the TDDP are commercial retail, multifamily residential, and office.

Components of a Successful Transit District

  • Connectivity and Accessibility: Connectivity between neighborhoods, designated centers, and other resources and amenities is vital to community and County health, economic competitiveness, and quality of life. Even more, a strong pedestrian and bicycle orientation between neighborhood and transit, with adequate room for circulation, and safe street crossings will eliminate barriers and minimize distance and time spent getting to destinations.
  • Efficient and Minimized Parking: People who live near transit own fewer cars and drive less. Policies and standards in the transit district should seek to minimize parking to the extent possible, maximizing pedestrian and bicycle access and transit ridership. Parking should be managed in a way that provides revenue for infrastructure and other improvements.
  • Housing Options: Transportation is the second largest household expense after housing. Building housing near transit can enhance affordability since households could save on vehicular expenses. A range of housing densities, types, and sizes provides options for all ages and incomes.
  • Mix of Land Uses: Compact, mixed-use, walkable design that is consistent with community character helps to ensure efficient use of land.
  • Multimodal Transit Network with Maximized Transit Ridership: A comprehensive network of bus and rail service and facilities will assist safe and efficient movement of people while ensuring adequate connections to employment centers in order to maximize ridership.
  • Public/Open Spaces and Amenities: Successful public spaces are pedestrian-friendly and welcoming and safe to transit users, nearby residents, and other visitors. Public spaces could provide places for sitting and incorporate landscaping, attractive lighting, fountains, and public art.
  • Sense of Place and Destination: Plan Prince George's 2035 Approved General Plan, the County's new general plan, identified Prince George's Plaza as a major regional center, a "destination and origin for regional workers and residents." Destinations are not only defined by their density or intensity of activity but also by the types of uses and active spaces, how streets are arranged, how transit is accommodated, and their collective roles within the region.
Balcony View of the Plaza
Buildings Around the Plaza
Pedestrian Bridge at the Plaza
Plaza Sign
Roadway Into the Plaza