Largo Town Center

Largo Town Center is one of three Downtowns designated by Plan 2035, Prince George’s County Approved General Plan. The Downtowns are areas best positioned to develop – in the near-term – into vibrant, walkable, regional-serving centers, each having a robust economic and employment base, a distinct sense of place and identity, a varied housing stock, a multimodal transportation network, and diverse, mixed-income community. By concentrating public investment in targeted transit-oriented centers, the County can begin to mitigate the impacts of sprawled development patterns that strain the economy, degrade the natural environment, complicate health issues, and fuel congestion throughout the County. 

Largo Town Center is an area in transition. The new Carillon Development - a mixed-use commercial and entertainment district – is under construction; the new University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center is slated to open Spring 2021; and residential projects, like Tapestry Largo Station and Ascend Apollo, utilized density and connectivity to the metro station to enhance urbanity in their suburban environments. While development patterns have traditionally been low density, single-use, auto-dependent, these projects have embraced the vision of Plan 2035 and the 2013 Approved Largo Town Center Sector Plan to transition Largo Town Center into a walkable urban place. By leveraging this momentum and strengthening connections to existing community assets – FedEx Field, Six Flags America, and Prince George’s Community College – Largo Town Center can be a model for transit-oriented development in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. 

Aligning transportation networks to the vision of “walkability” is key in realizing the area’s TOD potential. Trail connections and road improvements are planned to mitigate the lack of auto-less connectivity. The Department of Public Works & Transportation (DPW&T) has road improvements planned that will install bicycle infrastructure on primary corridors in the area, making it possible for cycling to become a preferred method of transportation. The Central Avenue Connector Trail (CACT) is a planned multi-modal trail that will directly connect Washington, D.C. to Largo Town Center.

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Largo Town Center