Bladensburg Town Center Sector Plan

Sector Plan & Sectional Map Amendment

The Prince George's County Planning Department of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission has prepared a sector plan and sectional map amendment (SMA) for the Central Business District of the Town of Bladensburg. The Town of Bladensburg requested this sector plan amendment to the 1994 Approved Master Plan and SMA for Bladensburg-New Carrollton and Vicinity (Planning Area 69) in the spring of 2004. This request was a key implementation step determined by the "Feasibility Study for the Town Center Project", which was commissioned by the Town and completed in April 2004. This study explored the possibility of creating a town center for the town of Bladensburg, utilizing the construction of new, expanded municipal offices as a catalyst for the larger development.

The new sector plan establishes goals, policies and strategies to guide the future growth of the town center in the Town of Bladensburg. The recommended land use, zoning, and design guidelines help establish a foundation for new real estate and economic development activity appropriate for a regional center along the General Plan designated Developed Tier Corridor of Annapolis Road. The recommendations promote pedestrian activity and help ensure that development was compatible with adjacent neighborhoods. The SMA implements the sector plan recommendations and policies by amending the zoning map.