Battle of Bladensburg Visitor Center

NOTE: The Battle of Bladensburg Visitor Center is permanently closed. Please forward questions to The Natural and Historical Resources Division at 301-627-2270.


The Battle of Bladensburg Visitor Center is located along the Anacostia River near the site of The Battle of Bladensburg, which occurred on August 24, 1814. This devastating American loss allowed the British to proceed into Washington, D.C. where many government buildings were burned including the U.S. Capitol and The White House.


The Battle of Bladensburg Visitor Center and the Waterfront Park are part of The Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail. The visitor center uses photos, artifacts and other media to tell the fascinating story of the people, places and events of the War in Prince George’s County.

Historical and archaeological artifacts from the British troop encampments in Nottingham are displayed, along with narrative historical accounts and a movie depicting the famous namesake battle of this visitor center. Stop by and experience the dramatic events and stories for yourself.

Admission is free.

exterior battle of bladensburg visitor center