Functional Planning

There are a number of plans that comprehensively cover specific topics for the entire County. These are referred to as functional plans.There are functional plans for transportation, historic resources, green infrastructure planning and preservation, parks and recreation, trails, schools, public safety, and water resources. 

  • Resource Ccnservation Plan - This countywide functional master plan combines the related elements of green infrastructure planning and rural and agricultural conservation into one functional master plan in order to streamline the process, meet state requirements for planning elements, and more efficiently update existing plans and maps.
  1. Environmental

    The Environmental Planning Section is responsible for programs related to the protection of the natural environment through the review of applications in the land development process.

  2. Historic Preservation

    Learn more about Historic Preservation such as work permits, agendas, tax credit applications and more.

  3. Special Projects / Research

    The Special Projects Section is responsible for providing technical advice on the need for public facilities, mandatory referral cases, and agricultural issues, as well as a wide variety of special projects involving research and the implementation of new planning tools.

  4. Transportation Planning

    The Transportation Planning Section (TPS) of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission in Prince George’s County is the designated transportation planning organization for Prince George’s County, Maryland.