Community Plans & Studies Maps

  1. Architectural Conservation Plan & Overlay Zone Map

    Find maps, presentations, and reports about this project.

  2. Central Avenue Connector Trail Project Area Map

    Access a map of the project area.

  3. College-Riverdale Park Transit District Maps

    Access maps and graphics detailing this project.

  4. East Riverdale & Beacon Heights Sector Plan Maps

    Find resources, maps, and project documents detailing this project.

  5. Plaza Transit District Development Plan Maps

    View maps of the Plaza Transit District Development Plan.

  6. Subregion 4 Employment Areas Action Plan Maps

    Access maps, presentations, and reports detailing the Subregion 4 Employment Areas Action Plan.

  7. Subregion 4 TOD Implementation Project Maps

    The Corridor Sectional Map Amendment Project consists of 3 components: legislation to amend the Zoning Ordinance, a Sectional Map Amendment (SMA), and comprehensive urban design guidelines.